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For more than 20 years, Mr. Patton has been educating businesses, their stakeholders and advisors on understanding key financial concepts that aren't well understood.  CSFM (Common Sense Financial Method) is Mr. Patton's unique approach to helping clients understand cash flow is being incorporated into the Corelytics Dashboard.

Prior to his investment banking experience and financial advisory practice, he worked in public accounting and as a controller for privately owned businesses. Mr. Patton has CPA and NASD Series 7 Licenses but currently offers his advisory services exclusively.



 Corelytics offerings:
  • Training small business owners on the "Common Sense Approach" for understanding cash flow
  • Training and advisory services to CPAs and Advisors
  • Cash Management module in development within Corelytics

Cash flow, raising financial capital, financial strength

Certifications & Affiliations:

Corelytics Mentor Advisor



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National, International

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5701 Broadway, Suite 102
San Antonio, Texas 78209


"Ed Patton has been rethinking the financial management of cash for years and seen adoption in a range from University Professors to Small Business Owners.  Mr Patton is bringing cash management into a new light."  -Frank Coker, Corelytics CEO


Ed Patton's Work:

Download "Money Matters: Working Capital & Financial Strength"

Watch Mr. Patton’s webinar on new method for simplifying private business’s financial reporting.

See Mr. Patton's published newspaper article:  Financial Reports should be Clear, Brief

See a case study about the Common Sense Method.  Scroll to THE PATTON CASH FLOW STATEMENT.